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Scaling And Root Planing

Scaling And Root Planing

This treatment is designed for people who suffer from periodontitis, which presents itself in two phases:

The initial phase, called gingivitis, reproduces in the oral cavity due to an increase in red blood cells and swelling of the gum area. This is caused by an increase in bacterial plaque due to poor dental hygiene. This stage can be reversible if the excess tartar on the teeth is removed correctly, as well as maintaining good oral health with the right brushing instructions.

The second stage, which is the most advanced stage of the disease, is known as periodontitis. It affects the white tissues around the gums and bones; and even the dental ligament, causing possible premature tooth loss. This stage has only one last option for recovery, and that is root planning and scaling. This will slow down the overgrowth of periodontal disease. It is even capable of regenerating the main state of the tooth if it is detected early.

To avoid this type of disease, it is important to emphasize oral health and hygiene with regular visits to the dentist. It is also of utmost importance to note that despite the completion of the operation, the success of the operation lies in the cooperation of the patient. At Amaris Dental Clinic, we teach you the right steps to perfect dental health. We also perform surgeries with the newest techniques in dentistry. Do not hesitate to choose us as your dental tourist destination.

Scaling and root planning treatment

It is based on three pillars, which must be carried out rigorously and continuously:


  • Before the treatment, maintain oral hygiene: Brushing should be done twice a day, with techniques taught by the dentist in prior consultation and in a correct manner. The idea of this step is to be able to manage the risk factors that affect the good development of the treatment.


  • Scaling and root planning of the affected teeth, or tooth lines: After applying general anesthesia, we proceed to eradicate the bacterial plaque and dental calculus that may inhabit the inside of the root or under the gum. This counts as scaling, and should also be performed in periodontal pockets.


Smoothing involves cleaning the surface of the tooth base and decontaminating it. All this is done with delicate elements called curettes, specifically used to effectively enter the gum. Ultrasonic devices are also used.

Performed in sections, quadrant, or just in one visit. This depends on the case and the dentist/periodontist to be treated.

What to do after the operation?

In order for the scaling and root planing procedure to remain successful in the oral cavity, the patient’s cooperation is important. It is therefore advisable to follow the following measures:


  • Thorough oral hygiene two to three times daily.


  • Use of dental floss and interproximal brushes.


  • Punctual attendance at maintenance appointments with the periodontist.


Keep in mind that periodontal disease is dangerous, infectious, and can get even more dangerous as time passes. It can lead to tooth loss. It is therefore important to prevent and treat it immediately before it proliferates in the oral cavity. It is possible that at the end of the treatment the area will remain sensitive, which is why the dentist in charge of your surgery will assign your specific kinds of toothpaste for this type of case.

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