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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Also known as a procedure that removes the affected pulp from a child’s teeth. The dental pulp consists of soft textured tissue inside the tooth. It contains the connective tissue, nerve roots, and blood vessels. Each root will secure your child’s teeth to the gums and jawbone. If the tooth is broken or damaged or infected, your child will probably need a root canal.

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There are many reasons, but previous diseases such as cavities and even accidents or blows can eventually lead to the need for root canal treatment.

Although the procedures are not the same, they can be applied to both deciduous, and permanent teeth.

Baby teeth should fall out on their own. If the tooth falls out prematurely, your child may have trouble biting or speaking. Root canal treatment can save the teeth and give them time to fall out when they are ready.

Possible symptoms in general

One of the most common symptoms is intense pain in the teeth. It varies from moderate to severe; it may lessen or worsen during the day, or simply clenching the teeth can make the situation worse. Some children have long-term sensitivity to hot foods or liquids. Their gums may also become soft and swollen around the problem area.

How is a root canal done?

To perform a root canal, the dentist should follow the same steps as with a normal dental setup. An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in problems of the dental pulp and dental nerves, so he or she will accompany you in the operation. We have prepared a series of steps so that you can understand the correct root canal procedure:


  • X-ray: Your dentist will proceed to evaluate the infection affecting the tooth, as well as the shape of the tooth and the size of the root canal. In order to have a more comprehensive assurance regarding the treatment.


  • Anesthesia and preparation: The endodontist will proceed to apply local anesthesia to your mouth. Sometimes you will feel pain when the needle is inserted. When this happens, it is normal for you to feel no pain after the treatment.


  • Pulp and nerve removal: The dentist will proceed to eradicate both the pulp and the existing nerve in the tooth. Also, with this will come the removal of any possible bacteria that may harm the oral cavity.


  • Cleaning: Files of various sizes will be used to clean the teeth by gently scraping the inner wall of the tooth root.


  • Closure: After cleaning, the teeth should be capped, but the time will vary. In most cases, medication will be applied to the teeth and you will have to wait about a week to permanently cover the teeth.


  • Tooth repair: If the cavity or damage is very large, a crown or other type of appliance will be used in place of the amalgam. This treatment is mainly done to prevent the tooth from breaking and help it regain its functionality.

How to prepare your child for a root canal:

  • Your child’s dentist will be sure to let you know how to prepare for the operation, both before and after. Discuss the procedure and your need with your child. It is normal for your child to develop some fear of the dentist. You can tell your child what will happen and reassure him or her that it will be okay. Explain that he or she will take medicine to prevent pain.


  • Depending on the age of your child, the dentist may use x-rays to examine the area. These images will show the severity of the infection and help the dentist understand the size and shape of the root canal.


  • It is normal to receive local anesthesia for the operation. Antibiotics may also be given to prevent bacterial infections. Tell the dentist if your child has ever had an allergic reaction to antibiotics or anesthetics.


  • If your child has fillings or other dental equipment in the teeth, the dentist will remove them. The rubber plate will be placed around the teeth. It is good to keep the dentist up to date on your child’s medical history, to know if he/she has a reaction to a medication that will be given, and even his/her reaction to anesthesia. The sheet will be placed to prevent saliva from passing through the canal to be treated. The doctor may tell you that it can also prevent the child from swallowing or inhaling any liquid, or even the tooth. He will then proceed to drill a hole in the tooth or crown to reach the aforementioned pulp and its nerves.


  • It also helps prevent your child from inhaling or swallowing liquids or the tooth. The dentist may drill a hole in the crown to reach the pulp and root canal.

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