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Pulpotomy in Albania

When we talk about pediatric dentistry, a pulpotomy is a very common treatment because it only occurs in primary teeth. Damage to the dental pulp can even lead to caries. When these first teeth are affected by it, it mostly happens because the relationship between the pulp and the tooth is bigger in childhood, it is normal to involve the dental pulp.
Pulpotomy consists of eliminating caries and removing the damaged pulp while respecting the root of the tooth. Pulpitis refers to inflammation of the pulp or swelling of the white tissue where the blood vessels and dental nerves are located.
Because the teeth are hollowed out, they look more fragile. Therefore, a reconstruction or dental cap is placed. Before starting this procedure, you must first perform some tests and confirm that the treatment is really necessary because it is a temporary tooth.

In Albania, dental clinics offer a very professional service, considering the expertise, dedication, reliability, and prices, which makes Amaris Dental Clinic the best alternative to take care of your oral health without spending too much money. Besides that, pediatric dentistry is a major part of our day-to-day care, and family health. However, what really makes Amaris Dental Clinic unique is the amazing performing staff, the superb coordination that leads to smooth dental services, and the ethical behavior of any patient. Treating each individual as part of a big family and offering services that will make you feel at home. We want to prove and make you understand, that dentists are not scary at all. And that each visit to your dentist is very valuable for your oral and general health

How is pulpotomy treated?

The pediatric dentist starts with local anesthesia, which allows easier access to the cavity left in the tooth, then the pulp will be cut and the damaged part will be removed but it is not necessary to touch the root of the tooth to promote the regeneration of the ligament. After the procedure, the root canal will be sealed and the corresponding teeth will be reconstructed.

Once the pulpotomy is resolved, the patient should be followed in order to understand how the process is developing and whether the treatment can achieve the expected results before potential failure is discovered.
If the patient occurs pain or swelling, the case should be studied again and continue to watch for possible complications. It is recommended that an examination should be done within the next 3 to 6 months to see if root development remains normal so that the endodontic treatment can be completed successfully. To properly assess that everything is going as expected, it is most useful to compare the x-ray of the treated tooth with an unaffected one.

What is the difference between pulpotomy and pulpectomy?

In addition to pulpotomy, you may have heard the term pulpectomy. In many cases, patients will have some confusion between these two procedures, especially since they are similar terms.

A pulpectomy is a treatment that goes beyond pulpotomy and can be considered a root canal treatment for deciduous teeth. That is, it includes complete emptying of the pulp cavity of the tooth in the event that endoscopy is insufficient to preserve the tooth.

Pulpotomy is problematic and in most cases, it is not considered a normal situation, but when we talk about deciduous teeth, it is kind of common because many children are affected by it.

If you would like to learn more about this treatment and learn more about pediatric dentistry, do not hesitate to consult with Tila Dental Clinic professionals to get the right assistance and the information you need.

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