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Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

Young children with dental pain or dental infections need professional treatment, no matter their age, and most of the time this means that your child must be under general anesthesia or sedation. Of course, there can be many reasons for this. Some dental procedures will require your child to lie completely flat and may require many oral arrangements; and from this, the noise can be frightening. Sounds a little scary? Not if you are in the hands of professionals who have been providing the best dental services for more than 15 years. That’s what Amaris Dental Clinic provides. The absolute professionalism, and the best prices not only in Albania but in the whole of Europe. Our goal is to provide a 100% safe, and painless treatment to your kind.
Albania is a key point of dental tourism for countries like Italy, Germany, Greece, and more. And not only because of the prices that are way, way, lower than other countries. But because of the dedication, passion, and quality of work that our professionals at Amaris Dental Clinic provide to each patient. Making each dental treatment into a new adventure to better maintain your oral health. Conscious sedation is widely used in pediatric dentistry, and with the help of our specialists in the area, your child will be able to get the best dental treatment without worry or pain.

When is sedation required?

Sedation may be used in a variety of situations. First, it is often impossible to hold a young child long enough for the pediatric dentist to safely perform high-precision surgery. So, sedation becomes necessary. Sedation reduces the stress of the visit for children and adults and reduces the risk of injury.

Second, some children find it difficult to control anxiety when visiting the dentist. Being calm can help them relax, cope and feel happy. Third, sedatives are especially helpful for children with special needs. It prevents spontaneous movement and guides cooperative behavior.

Types of sedation

Good pediatric dentists typically provide three different forms of sedation: nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and general anesthesia.


  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas): has been used for decades to provide safe dental sedation. It is used in conjunction with oxygen to calm young patients within minutes. Nitrous oxide is a mild sedative and your child will remain awake and be able to communicate with the dentist.


  • Oral conscious sedatives: Require pills to be taken before surgery to make the child drowsy and less sensitive to dental treatment. Because it is administered orally, it does not require injection, so it is well suited for children who are afraid of needles.


  • General Anesthesia: Complex cases may require more than nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation. Under general anesthesia, your child will sleep through the entire process and the pediatric dentist may complete the treatment only once.


When a child needs deep sedation or general anesthesia for dental surgery, in addition to the dentist performing the procedure to help care for the child, there should always be a trained anesthesia professional.

Previous recommendations

It is very recommended for your child to consult with a professional pediatrician beforehand confirming that he/she does not have other pathologies. For example, if the child has a cold or fever, it is recommended to postpone sedation. In addition, the most appropriate time of day is the morning, as it is essential that the child fasts from solids and liquids for four hours before the operation.

How does dental sedation help both the patient and the specialist?

  • In addition to the psychological benefits, after allowing young patients to relax with dental sedation, pediatric dentists can also perform the surgery without resistance or interference.


  • For children, it can be difficult to sit still for long periods of time. In these cases, sedation allows treatment to be completed quickly and efficiently. If your toddler or teen is often nauseated, sedatives can help relieve the urge to vomit.


  • If your child has to go through long, or multiple treatments, sedation dentistry can also save time because the dentist will be able to work without irritating the patient, this way completing the whole treatment in one cycle, without struggle.


  • If sedation is not used, due to low levels of stamina, anxiety, or inability to stand up or open the mouth, dental treatment for adolescents can often require more than one visit.

Benefits of Prosthodontics

Generally, the use of local anesthesia in children after treatment does not cause complications, but we should mention some possible situations, such as:


  • Biting: most of the involuntary lip and cheek bites are caused by the numbing effect of the anesthesia. Drinking water after dental treatment eliminates the local anesthesia, thus avoiding these injuries.


  • Allergy: Sometimes children can be allergic to anesthetics, so anesthetics should be mentioned in the patient’s medical history to avoid causing a rash or high fever.


Now that you know that the use of local anesthetics helps to avoid pain in children; Please do not let decay develop, otherwise it can lead to different potential health issues for your child, without mentioning a visit to the dentist which may not be… very pleasant!

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