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Orthodontic Retainers

Orthodontic Retainers

At the culmination of orthodontic treatment, it is common for teeth to try to return to their original position. This affects the results already gained from orthodontic treatment. Therefore, the use of dental retainers is essential. They help to finish the treatment in the best way and further help dental alignment.

For orthodontic treatment to be permanent, this appliance should be worn for about five to six months after treatment. In this period of time, if not prevented with dental retainers, it is probable to fall into a relapse, which is when the teeth force each other to return to the initial malformation.

In Albania, it is essential to offer the newest dental solutions and techniques that fit your needs and requirements. We invite you to visit Amaris Dental Clinic, located in Tirana. They offer corrective treatments specially designed for each type of teeth, with the best specialists in the field.

Types of dental retainers

  • Fixed Retainers: These types of retainers consist of a thin sheet made of braided wire. They are cemented inside the palate from end to end, covering the upper and lower arch of the patient’s oral cavity. They are very popular because they are placed in the inner part of the mouth, so they are not visible.


They are also characterized by not interfering with speech, nor generating internal wounds.


  • Removable retainers: Despite the benefits of fixed retainers, these are the most used by patients. Since their removable property makes them more comfortable on different occasions. Therefore, ingesting food, and maintaining oral hygiene of both the patient and the retainer are easier to carry.


In addition to this, there are different types of removable retainers for each type of case or patient preference. Among them we can find:

  • Hawley retainer: Although its colloquial name is “wire retainer”, they are made of thin metal, plastic, and even acrylic covering. These materials facilitate the adaptation of the product to the patient’s oral cavity. It works thanks to metallic wires that go through the outside of the tooth, and connect with the palate, in this way they adjust perfectly to the denture and maintain the principal alignment of the orthodontics.


In addition to this, the wire retainer has an advantageous feature, which allows it to be adjusted depending on the patient’s taste, or if the teeth require realignment of the denture.


It has 10% more durability than its sibling, the clear plastic retainer. And it can be fixed. It even lasts for years if patient care is meticulous.


  • Clear plastic retainers: Plastic retainers, or molded retainers, tend to adapt their shape perfectly to the tooth position. The advantages of this retainer are that it is less visible than the others, thus reducing the possibility of removing it more times during the day and dental relapse becomes less probable; it also has a smaller size and impact and is the most comfortable of the removable dental retainers.


Don’t forget that although all dental treatments are the same, quality is the main thing when it comes to performance. Visit Albania and explore all the possibilities offered by dental tourism in our territory.

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