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Oral Hygiene Education for Children

Oral Hygiene Education for Children

Oral hygiene will always be a fundamental part of a child’s personal development, so it should be closely monitored. Taking care of your child’s teeth and gums from an early age is essential to promote good oral hygiene for a lifetime, preventing future diseases. Amaris Dental Clinic offers professional consulting and advice for all parents who need assistance with the oral health of their children. Besides consulting, you can find the most professional and best quality oral hygiene services for your kids, at the best possible prices compared with all countries in Europe.

Oral care for babies

Babies are born with all their teeth, but they are kept hidden under the gums. Baby teeth begin to appear around 6 months of age, but it is important to begin oral care for your baby even before the first tooth appears.

Healthy gums are essential for the growth of the baby teeth that will follow. One way to maintain good gum health is to have a cleaning routine after each feeding. The best option is to wipe the baby’s gums with a soft, clean cloth used exclusively for that purpose. This way you can remove food debris and prevent bacteria buildup.

Teaching good dental hygiene

It is important to teach your children good dental habits from an early age, as this is the best way to prevent dental disease. With proper guidance, your child may quickly adopt good oral hygiene habits and measures. However, even if he is an enthusiastic participant, he will not be able to control or concentrate on brushing his teeth. As a parent, your job is to supervise and assist in brushing teeth. It is a way to ensure that dental plaque and food debris that will eventually build up and bring bacteria are removed. Which are the cause of tooth decay. Also pay attention to areas with brown or white spots, which can be signs of tooth decay.


  • The first step in creating dental hygiene habits and awareness in children is to teach them why it is important to brush their teeth; we must make them understand the need of brushing their teeth so that they do not accumulate “bad germs and bacteria” that can harm their teeth, causing cavities, or cause bleeding gums.


It is important to make known everything we need to brush our teeth (toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash…) as well as how it works and its mechanics so that children integrate it from the beginning.

In addition, at the same time that we show our children the habits to maintain oral health, we have the opportunity to teach them to have a healthy diet, since the correct diet has a direct relationship with oral health, emphasizing the negative consequences of sugar consumption.

Here are the key points about oral hygiene so that you can pass them on to your children:


  • The amount of toothpaste: It is not necessary to cover the entire toothbrush with toothpaste. A dot in the center of the toothbrush is enough.


  • Efficient cleaning mode: Knowing how to brush your teeth is very important. It is recommended to cover as much as possible the entire tooth structure, both inside and outside. Emphasize the grooves that the brush cannot easily reach.


  • Use mouthwash and floss: To prevent tooth decay, it is recommended to rinse with fluoride after every brushing and floss your teeth.


  • “How often do I need to brush?” This may be a constant question asked by all parents. It has a very simple answer: it is recommended to teach children to brush their teeth after every meal. That is, generally 3 to 4 times a day.


  • After brushing the tongue, rinse the mouth with plenty of water.


  • To maintain proper oral hygiene, it is recommended to completely avoid all sugars.


  • One way to help create the habit is to make brushing time fun. This will motivate them to brush their teeth frequently.

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