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Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays

Dental inlays, also called esthetic inlays, are a type of restoration that is made on the back of the dental arch. Because of how they look, they are now widely used in the dental field. The inlay is made in the laboratory by means of an oral scan.
They are usually made of materials such as ceramics, resins, or porcelain, so they have a natural color and a suitable shape. In this way, the chewing function is also restored. And it is worth noting that compared to dental crowns since it is not necessary to sculpt the entire circumference of the tooth, it can protect the remaining healthy structure much better.
If they are not damaged enough to require crown placement, they are especially suitable for posterior teeth and root canal teeth with moderate decay or fractures.
In Albania we provide the best quality dental care and professional services in each of our dental clinics, always working to improve the dental health of patients in need of expert care through comprehensive, effective, and preventive and care measures. An ideal place to proceed with dental inlays is Amaris Dental Clinic, in Tirana. And it is worth noting that you can receive exceptional dental services at outstanding prices compared to Europe, but at all times, excellent quality.

Types of Incrustation

Dental Inlays: The dental inlay procedure is a technique for restoring teeth with decay. These inlays are used in situations where it is not necessary to place a crown to restore teeth and in situations where the damage to the teeth is so severe that it cannot be solved by using composite materials to restore the teeth.


Inlays are a highly esthetic dental treatment because they can reconstruct the damaged part of the tooth, mimicking the color and brightness of the original tooth. If the tooth has sufficient structure and support to perform the technique, these inlays can replace the placement of crowns.

  • “Onlay” dental incrustations: An onlay is performed only on the cusp coverage of the tooth. The preparation for the placement of the inlaid teeth includes grinding without retention and removal.


After that, the color is taken and an intraoral impression or scan is made. The model is sent to the laboratory where the new tooth is made. After entering the clinic, the implant is tried in and occlusal adjustments are made before the final cementation.

The next step is cementation. The teeth are etched with orthophosphoric acid, washed and dried, and then dentin adhesive is applied. Next, it is ready to be ground and inlaid on the interim surface, and then placed in hydrofluoric acid for 90 seconds, washed, and dried. The incrustation is coated with a double adhesive and cured with a halogen lamp.


It is recommended in the esthetic reconstruction of molars and premolars when less than 3 cusps are involved. In patients with bruxism, it is a good option as a restorative element.

Indications for maintenance

Dental incrustations should be treated like a natural tooth. You should brush and floss it every day between it and the adjacent teeth, just like in the rest of the mouth.

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