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In House Dental Laboratory

In House Dental Laboratory in Albania

The In-house Dental Laboratory consists of the dental laboratory in the dental center where different devices, such as prosthesis, dentures, mouth guards, and many others, are worked on. The specialist in charge of this area is called a dental technician and is trained to design, make, adapt and manufacture any kind of device ordered by the dentist.

Dental laboratories specialize in making prostheses for greater placement in the orofacial area, where braces usually go. Many of the most notable ones are the splints, dentures, dental crowns, personal impression trays, bridges, overdentures, implants, among many other types.

Since it is inside the dental office, it must have the supplies to maintain the constant production of multiple dental prosthetic appliances. Since the production is a little more exhausting.

The prosthetic appliance aims to return to the client’s oral cavity functions lost due to a disease or condition, together with the collaboration and good guidance of the dentist. The dentist is in charge of measuring, assessing, and finally applying the dental appliance. Therefore, he or she is in charge of most of the entire process.

It should be noted that the dental technician does not have any power or knowledge in dental practices or their application. The laboratory relies solely on following the dentist’s instructions along with the specifications that the patient wants to realize in their own oral cavity.

An important quality of in-house laboratories is the good communication and relationship between the dentist and staff or the dental technician to facilitate good customer service. Being in sync is the best response to the patient’s requirements. This can happen during the patient’s own consultation, so communication networks are constant.

The continuous development of technology has brought dentists and prosthetists together to learn new techniques.

Thus, the relationship and communication between the dental professional and the laboratory technicians are necessary for treatments to be carried out with more accuracy and better conditions, which leads to the success of each treatment.

Specializations in dental materials

  • Metalworker: This person is in charge of casting the metals that will be used in the production of appliances or metal structures, as this material is used to make the majority of oral prostheses.


  • Ceramists: They are in charge of placing, adapting, creating, and manipulating ceramics. This is used in multiple dental processes and on different bone structures. Among the artifacts that carry this material, we can find dental crowns or prostheses on dental implants.


  • Resin: His work lies in the manufacture and design of multiple functional or removable prostheses, using resin as the main material. Although he/she has the particularity that he/she can handle or fabricate with materials other than resin for multiple dental procedures.


  • Technician-orthodontist: This field is a little more complicated, and is one of the most used. He specializes in removable orthodontics, which carries a high level of difficulty and must be made under strict measures as each patient requires a different modality.

At Amaris Dental Clinic in Albania, we have state-of-the-art facilities and techniques. This is something that delivers maximal safety and quality to the patients, as well as speed when it comes to the dental prosthesis. Our good attention and excellent specialists make us one of the main tourist destinations for dental procedures, do not hesitate to visit us and take a better smile with you!

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