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Habit Breaking Appliances

Habit Breaking Appliances

The interception of habits such as finger sucking, atypical swallowing, etc. It is one of the biggest challenges for pediatric dentists and orthodontists. Since these unhealthy habits can have detrimental consequences on the patient’s teeth. Such as crossbites, open bites, deformed palates, and followed by respiratory problems, such as airway atrophy.

There have been several attempts to create methods and devices to correct this disorder that increasingly affects more and more children and even adults. But so far there is no one more effective than the metal grid. This is a device that can be either removable or fixed and is among the types of functional appliances. Its main use is based on the therapy of the palate and tongue in the habit of lingual thrusting, swallowing, or sucking.

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  • Fixed lingual grill: Its use is fixed in children with almost incorrigible habits or with some extra difficulty to handle it. This has a band welding and is compatible with different orthopedic or dental appliances if it is necessary to use it.


  • Removable lingual grids: These types of grids are immersed in the genre of acrylic plates. They can be customized for the upper and lower arch, depending on the patient’s requirements.


  • Upper: In these particular cases the patient presents digital suction, so the tongue is placed behind the palate pushing the upper teeth.


  • Inferior: They are placed here when the patient presents lingual protrusion, therefore it slides towards the lower incisors.


  • Lateral: This application is used in lateral bites that interfere with tongue movement. It is recommended to make lateral grids wide to make it easy to close the mandible.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a tongue trap.



  • It is a device adaptable to other dental systems depending on the system and the patient.


  • It is fixed but has a removable alternative.


  • It is fairly inexpensive and does not have a lot of difficulties or waiting time when it comes to implementing it.


  • It can be kept hygienic and is easy to clean.


  • It causes the tongue to settle into the correct position, therefore corrects bad habits.



  • The patient may refuse and may not even get used to the treatment.


  • The tongue may suffer small deformities and even annoying chafing from prolonged use in the mouth.


  • In some cases, it can cause a disorder or difficulty in speaking, and even in feeding and muscle mass of the patient the first days of treatment. Even weeks.


  • It is not recommended in patients with allergies or respiratory problems.

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