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Gum Depigmentation

Gum Depigmentation

In the human body, there are multiple pigments of natural origin that give color to every part of our organism. Carotene, melanin, and hemoglobin are the main pigments that give color to the gums.


Although the pigmentation from melanin coming from your blood group, ethnicity and physiology is not really something to worry about, although in some cases it warns of periodontal disease. Visits to the dentist are highly frequent for black gums.
The depigmentation of gums is an aesthetic problem, thanks to multiple techniques and treatments that have been developed, both surgical and non-surgical. One of the most widely used techniques for this purpose is laser removal.

At Amaris Dental Clinic in Tirana Albania. We offer this and multiple dental treatments. With unmatched service excellence and quality, our professionals will take care of your oral health better than ever before. Don’t stop smiling, we are here to help!

Reasons why gums stay black

  • Smoking: One of the worst habits of human beings is to consume tobacco. It not only affects your oral health but also your heart, lungs, skin, among all the organisms that make your bodywork.
    Tobacco consumption not only distorts the color of our teeth giving them yellow and grayish tones, but it also damages the white tissue around the tooth due to the toxins trapped in the smoke. Therefore, smoking maintained for years tends to be one of the main reasons for having dark or yellow gums.


  • Melanoplakia: This term refers to genetics, which is also an important part when we talk about our health.


Although this does not mean that we should assume that all periodontal diseases can run in families, as color can be a natural influence of genetics without seeing any infectious or dangerous factors. Therefore a great part of the patients do not present a periodontal disease, but a high concentration of melanin called “Melanoplakia”.


  • Periodontal diseases: This reason is not as common as it seems, since gingivitis and periodontitis have negative effects on the teeth, but do not darken them entirety. Inflammation and reddening of the gums are more common.


The explanation of their relationship is denoted when tartar accumulates exponentially in solid matter, near the subgingival area. As a result, the area tends to darken and affects our esthetic image.


  • The consumption of medication: Some medications prescribed by a specialist may present adverse effects such as distortion of the melanin in the gum area.


A fairly common example of this is birth control pills, as they can change the tone of the dental mucosa, taking it to a dark or gray color.

Treatment of gingival melanosis

Microabrasion: In this technique, the dentist or periodontist will remove the main layer of the gums to be treated with a specific instrument. Removing the unsightly discoloration, and polishing it, to obtain a more natural appearance. It is a good treatment and has an effectiveness rate of 80%.


  • Scalpel eradication: It is one of the most commonly used when dealing with specific dental stains and where there is no absolute dental darkening of the mucosa. It is more abrasive and has post-operative treatment. Although it is not complicated to perform.


  • Laser: This is the most commonly used treatment to eliminate darkening in the gum area. It also takes care of mucoceles, and small oral surgeries can be performed with it. It is widely used and totally safe, being one of the patients’ favorite techniques.


It is not very abrasive compared to the scalpel technique and causes less bleeding. Likewise, the postoperative period is quite short and easy to perform.

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