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Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty

Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty

There are many periodontal treatment options, and many techniques to use. Among them are those that help lessen the ravages of periodontal disease, and cosmetic surgeries that try to fix, preserve and maintain the dental bases. Thus, the oral cavity and teeth maintain a pleasant appearance and a healthy life.

One of the simple procedures that can be part of these treatments is the gingivectomy. It aims to reshape the tissue around the gums and benefit the dental contour without affecting the height of the tooth. This is performed under local anesthesia and is usually done in conjunction with a gingivoplasty, both for aesthetic reasons and to complete a periodontal treatment.

Gingivoplasty is also a fairly easy treatment to perform and is purely aesthetic. Its objective is to improve the gingival smile, and it is also performed under local anesthesia. Explaining further, we can say that these two techniques are often confused or mistaken for their similar objectives.

At Amaris Dental Clinic we perform a detailed investigation for each patient that is admitted. Therefore, our professionals can offer a high range of both aesthetic and surgical treatments. And at a very affordable price, with a 70% discount, compared to other European countries.

Difference between gingivectomy and gingivoplasty

Although both at first glance have similar objectives and names difficult to separate, they have big differences in performing either of these techniques. Among them, we can find that although Gingivectomy belongs to the genre of periodontal surgery which molds the gum tissues to achieve more proportional contours and tooth lines; in half of the cases, it is applied with Gingivoplasty. It provides more brightness and neatness to the tooth, therefore it is a purely aesthetic operation.

Gingivectomy And gingivoplasty procedure

  • Gingivectomy:


At the time of applying this treatment, the specialist focuses his attention on returning the edge of the gum tissue when the periodontal pocket no longer exists in it.
A cut must be made up to the marked site, without leaving the base bone bare. Then, an incision is made again between the tissues until the affected tissues are reached, and after that, they are extracted until the area of the dental base is completely cleaned. In this procedure multiple elements are used to help remove and clean all the white tissue, to leave the teeth smooth and the root visible.


  • Gingivoplasty:

The first step of the gingivoplasty or “crown lengthening” treatment is to perform a gingivectomy. This procedure promotes the natural appearance of the teeth and is performed by a periodontist.
A local anesthetic is applied to the area to be treated and excess white tissue from the gums is removed. This removal is carried out with a scalpel and extra elements such as an angled blade, electrosurgery, or laser intervention.

In a normal case, the gums will finish their healing process two months after the operation. Pain-relieving medication and mild mouthwashes with antibacterial action will be prescribed to avoid complications due to infection in the healing phase.
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