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Fluor Treatment in Children

Fluor Treatment in Children

Fluoride is a nutrient mineral that can improve the quality of tooth enamel and make children’s teeth more resistant to decay. It has important functions such as strengthening teeth and bones.


Tooth decay is a common disease in children. It is an infectious disease with multiple causes related to bacteria, but it is also related to the individual characteristics of people, their diet, and social habits. The complexity of its origin makes it very difficult to eradicate. However, the correct use of certain medications (such as fluoride) can help reduce its prevalence.

In children diagnosed with a high or very high risk of dental caries, the need to complement conventional preventive measures with the use of anti-plaque chemotherapeutics (such as fluoride) should be considered.
Under normal circumstances, chemical plaque control (using fluoride) cannot replace mechanical control (tooth brushing), but counts as a supplement. It is particularly useful in specific populations and/or special situations, such as:


  • When it is difficult or impossible to perform a correct mechanical control, such as in elderly, disabled, or after surgery.


  • In case of high risk of developing dental caries (decreased saliva flow or patients with orthodontic treatment carriers) or periodontal disease.


In Albania, we have many dental clinics nationwide. Request your first visit at the clinic of your choice, this way you can also meet your ideal dentist directly and make your first contact with him. When you start looking for an experienced pediatric dentist in Albania, you will find that some dentists offer better dental treatments for children than other dentists and that children are better suited to one dental office and another. You are in control and the decision is yours.

How is fluoride varnish is applied to the teeth?

You will need a small brush to apply fluoride varnish on the surface and sides of each tooth. It is sticky but hardens when it comes in contact with saliva.

Your child can feel the hardened varnish on his teeth with his tongue, but cannot remove it, so it doesn’t go to waste. When using fluoride varnish, it will not hurt. However, young children may cry during the operation.

Fortunately, varnishing only takes a few minutes. In fact, it is easier to apply varnish when the child is crying because the child’s mouth opens slightly.

General Guidelines

  • It is recommended to apply the fluoride varnish in children under 6 years of age.


  • Before fluoridation, it is very important that the tooth is very clean and free of bacterial plaque to ensure that the gel adheres completely to the entire surface of the tooth.


  • At the end of the treatment, the child will not be able to eat any food or rinse for one hour.

How to care for the child's teeth after fluoride varnish application?

  • Do not brush or floss for at least 4 to 6 hours.


  • Your child’s doctor may instruct your child to wait until the next morning before brushing or flossing.


  • Remind your child to spit after rinsing.

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