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Endodontic treatment aims to purify the pulp tissue of the affected tooth and complete it with a biocompatible component to then cover the area. It is one of the techniques widely used throughout the world of dentistry and consists of rescuing or restoring teeth that are considered damaged or almost in a necrotic state.

Many reasons can lead to the need for a root canal, such as bruxism, but the main factor in this treatment is large or difficult cavities. Since they are not eradicated at the time of proliferation, they extend to the pulp tissue of the tooth in the hardest area to intervene.

Caries indeed have multiple treatment techniques, such as dental fillings or obturations. But this treatment is dedicated to teeth that maintain a low percentage of recovery and need to be treated with a more abrasive technique.

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What is a root canal?

Endodontics, as mentioned above, is performed by removing the pulp tissue or nerve of the affected tooth. In general terms, we speak of cleaning the root canals of the teeth. Where the bacterial plaque and pulp tissue in a state of decomposition are eradicated. Leaving the dental canal as hygienic as possible.


This consists of multiple stages:


  • Diagnosis by the specialist: In the process of diagnosis and development it is necessary to record an anamnesis or a consultation with the patient. In this consultation, the patient will be asked about the intensity of the symptoms, the intensity of the pain, what he/she feels, what is the affected area, how long a day it is noticeable, and at what times, if it is calmed by applying heat or cold, etc.


All this process is dedicated to making a more accurate assessment to prescribe the best treatment depending on the patient’s case. After this process, x-rays of the area are taken to verify the state of the dental piece and to make a note of the type of dental anatomy.

  • Anesthesia: The type of anesthetic used in the treatment is local anesthesia. Therefore only the affected area and its surroundings are numbed. It should be noted that there should not be any infectious or inflammatory agent in the area to be intervened or it may be detrimental to the treatment. If so, the intervention will not be performed and will be postponed until, based on the intake of antibiotics, this decreases.


  • Tearing and separation of the tooth: In this step, an opening should be made in the crown area utilizing a small dental drill. This facilitates entry into the pulp tissue to perform the removal and isolation of the tooth.


  • Conductometry and instrumentation: Here the specialist is dedicated to clean the root canals of the tooth to avoid the prolongation of more bacterial plaque.


  • Filling: In this stage, the previous opening is closed in order to cell the already sanitized root canals. This can remove tooth sensitivity in the area.


  • Control: After having passed the operation, it is important to perform an extra x-ray for the specialist to make sure that the treatment was successful. Following this, multiple consultations should be made weeks or months after the procedure is completed.

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Endodontic treatment aims to purify the pulp tissue of the affected tooth and complete it with a biocompatible …

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