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Age, health problems, or accidents can lead many people to dentures throughout their lives. Having good teeth is not only a matter of esthetics, it is also vital for maintaining good health. Chewing food well is essential to obtain the nutrients needed by the human body and digest them completely.


Dental prostheses, or dentures, are removable appliances whose purpose is to replace all missing teeth to restore our smile. When we lose our teeth, our facial muscles also sag and look older than our actual age. Next, we will explain to you some tips that are very useful for you to choose the best dentures and thus get a matchless smile.


And remember that if you ever need one, if they no longer fit well or are damaged, contact your dentist. Knowing that this procedure can be expensive in some countries. We have just about the right solution for you if you live in Italy or Europe. In Albania, we offer you checkups and multiple dental options for up to 70% less cost compared to other continents and the best possible quality. Amaris Dental Clinic offers the best experts and the latest techniques at the forefront. Based on reviews and the feedbacks of hundreds of happy customers, Amaris Dental Clinic is one of the best in Tirana, Albania, and even Balkan.

Types of dentures

  • Mucosal dentures: These are called full dentures. When there are no more teeth left in the mouth and all the supports are on the gums and bones, they are a good option. Today, with the help of new technologies and new materials, the esthetic appearance is better than ever.


  • The upper removable prosthesis is supported mainly by the “void effect” that is generated between the denture and the palate. The treatment of lower limb prostheses is much more complicated. The presence of the tongue which often lifts the prosthesis and the presence of a small amount of bone often make them “dance” in the mouth.

Overdenture Prosthesis: This type of denture is created when the patient still has some natural teeth. They are those prostheses that are supported on the teeth in the mouth, in addition to the bones and gums. They are called metal removable dentures, bony removable dentures, or simply “skeletons”.


In principle, they have better stability than full dentures (dentures supported by mucous membranes), although over time the teeth on which the prosthetic clasp rests will eventually suffer. In addition, it should be kept in mind that any mobile prosthesis will gradually fall out of the jaw due to the pressure exerted on it by the bracket.

  • Implant-Supported Dentures: When there are no teeth, certain types of traditional dentures sometimes cause stability problems, especially when the bones are not adequately supported, as they stick or move when eating. This is the biggest problem with lower limb dentures because the tongue and the muscles on the floor of the mouth can move them more easily.
  • In these cases, you can choose to place two or four implants and support the prosthesis on them to prevent them from moving. This type of prosthesis is a mobile prosthesis supported by an implant, also called an overdenture. These prostheses can be anchored to the implant in many ways. However, compared to other types of traditional dentures, all of these dentures will provide patients with greater stability.
  • The quality of life of surface dentures will be significantly improved. In this regard, we should note that the price of implant support is much higher than the price of mucosal and dental support.

Advantages of Dentures

  • The main advantage is that it can restore missing teeth, mouth functionality, and its appearance to patients.


  • Generally, it can be done without surgical intervention.


  • They are easy to maintain. For this reason, it is necessary to consider the need for professional filling and cleaning equipment from time to time.


  • If there is a possibility of damage, it is easy to repair.


  • Similarly, if natural teeth are lost, they can be adapted to add new teeth to the appliance.


  • This is an economical solution compared to fixed dentures on more expensive teeth or dental implants.

How to care for dentures

Part of the process of adjusting to dentures is learning how to care for them, including handling and cleaning:


  • If the denture is removed or placed incorrectly, it can be damaged (may fall out), so it should be placed over a folded towel or container of water to reduce the impact of the denture is removed.


  • Dentures should not dry out, therefore, when removing dentures, they should be placed in a container with cleaning liquid or running water, but should never be hot, or they may become deformed.


  • Like natural teeth, dentures should be brushed thoroughly every day to remove food debris, dental plaque and prevent stains.


  • Brushing can be supplemented with ultrasonic cleaning, but should never be replaced.


  • It is not advisable to lie down with it.


  • Before replacing it, the gums and tongue should be cleaned with a soft brush every morning to remove the remaining bacterial plaque. In addition, this action stimulates blood circulation in the tissues.


  • Before placing the dentures, rinse the mouth thoroughly, as this will improve adhesion.


  • If at any time dentures become loose, move or fit poorly, you should visit your dentist to have them checked and put them back in place if necessary.


  • It is very important to visit your dentist periodically to check your dentures, denture adhesion, or gum development. This is the only way to ensure that the denture performs properly, is 100% functional, and stays in place.

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