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Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces

The purpose of orthodontics is to repair or prevent deformities of the teeth. To amend crooked or misplaced teeth should not necessarily make people feel ashamed to show their smile, therefore with orthodontics made of ceramic, you can imagine the most discreet way to get a perfect set of teeth.
Porcelain is a type of material derived from ceramics, known for its many uses, among which, for many years, the manufacture of dental appliances has stood out. Regardless of the material, the ceramic bracket works in the same way as any other fixation device, no matter if it is a metal bracket or invisible brackets. In other words, they make it possible to edit errors related to dental alignment and bite.
For example, it solves crowded teeth, open bite, crossbite, gaps between teeth, or overbite.
However, compared to traditional metal brackets, the main reason why ceramic brackets are considered to have more advantages is the aesthetic view they provide. Besides, this type of orthodontic appliance is made with different grades of white, which achieves a better fusion effect with the dental enamel. It should be noted that in many cases, white archwires and ligatures are also used instead of metal archwires to provide more freedom and discretion.

At dental clinics in Albania, we focus on providing you with the maximum comfort and care required. At Amaris Dental Clinic we offer both metal and ceramic orthodontic treatment, advising you on the one that suits best your budget and needs.

Maintenance of ceramic orthodontics

In the vast majority of cases, the correct maintenance of ceramic brackets requires thorough cleaning. After eating, flossing is essential, as is brushing your teeth manually.
As a new orthodontic wearer, you should carry both a toothbrush and dental floss with you for every meal you eat, whether at home or on the street.
Be careful with whitening creams, which are totally forbidden if you are wearing braces and certain food groups that will leave a mark on your appliances. Some of these foods are curry, coffee, and even tea. Since they can alter the color of the gums, and even “whitening” foods should be eliminated, which will also affect them.
If you are a woman or if you use any type of lip balm, it is recommended that it be suspended. Since this can enter the gums, changing its color and distorting its discretion.

Advantages and disadvantages of the use of metal brackets

  • Advantages:


The esthetic factor is one of the great advantages of ceramic brackets. But this is not the only thing they offer. This type of bracket has many benefits. Below, we explain them in detail:


  • Aesthetics and discretion: Unlike its brother the metal brackets, this material contains a great kinship with the normal dental pieces, achieving mimicry of almost 80%. They tend to have a matte tonality, which prevents sudden glare and strange brightness coming from the tooth, quite common in dental braces.


  • It should be noted that they have some translucency, thus allowing light to pass through the material. Therefore, the dental enamel located at the bottom of the tooth is perceived with greater clarity, generating more discretion in the dental structure.


  • Effectiveness: This orthodontic technique is as precise as metal brackets. And it fulfills its function of correction, thus eliminating any malocclusion problems.


  • Price: Although they do not compare with the price of traditional braces, they are more economical if we compare them with sapphire dental braces and invisible aligners or Invisalign.


Although if the price becomes inconvenient for the patient, a combination of ceramic and metal can be made. This means that the ceramic brackets will go on the visual part of the oral cavity, and the back part will be made of metal.

  • Comfort and safety for the patient: Ceramic bracket extensions do not have sharp edges or points that protrude to the surface. Therefore, it prevents injuries in the oral cavity such as sores, ulcerations, and even gum burial.


  • They are made with a highly resistant material, which allows immediate and fixed adhesion to the dental structure, making it almost impossible to detach. And even at the moment of finishing the treatment and being extracted, the process is not complicated and does not create problems in the dental enamel.


  • They are compatible with existing elements in the oral cavity: They are excellent for patients with metal allergies. In return, they do not interfere with medical digital tests, such as x-rays, MRIs, etc.


  • Disadvantages:


Everything has its pros and cons, and dental braces make no exception. Although treatment with ceramic brackets is a good alternative to the conventional, it has its downsides:


  • Pigmentation of the material: Depending on the person’s habits, the ceramic used in braces can tend to stain after a long time of use. As mentioned before, foods such as coffee, wine, and other infusions can encourage the appearance of stains and even change the color of the product.


Durability and resistance: This type of material is usually less durable than traditional brackets, as it tends to break and even fracture. This increases the length of the treatment by having to constantly change them and even take them to be repaired.


Gum tissue discomfort: Due to its hardness, there is a small possibility of creating sensitivity and inflammation in this area. It is also due to the fact that their size is much larger than traditional brackets, thus making dental hygiene more difficult and providing a place for the accumulation of bacterial plaque.

Remember that if you experience any discomfort, it is essential to ask for a new consultation with your trusted doctor to make sure that everything is all right. Especially days after the braces are put on, in other words, extra discomfort in the post-operative treatment.

This can lead to an infection or medical malpractice during the operation that must be treated immediately or it can be detrimental to the success of the operation.

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